From personal training to parkour, from yoga class to physiotherapy; from fitness training to tumbling; Airtrack is favourite amongst a wide variety of sports and fun lovers.

Airtrack a world renowned innovative and enticing product used for fitness, training and tumbling activities.One of the most exciting benefits about Airtrack is that its highly compact & portable, easy to lift and carry by a sole person and conveniently inflate or deflate in just a matter of minutes makes it a very homely fitness training device. Other exciting features that it generates a highly balanced bounce which leads to a sturdy but comfy landing floor, makes it the safest being an air tight & soundless product. This results in developing enough confidence in the user in just a few minutes. And regular practice leads you to perform Pro and Stylish acts which will amaze people along with keeping a perfect fitness level.

It is also a very hygienic product and easy to clean and/or sanitise as compared to any other kind of flooring or yoga mats, thus making it an excellent choice for all.


Made with an innovative and latest V-Drop Stitch Technology
to give perfect bounce and make the product sturdy.


Personal Training


Team Building Sessions


Enhance Guest Experience


Recreation Club Members


Training Sessions


Gymnastics Training

From personal training to parkour, from yoga class to physiotherapy; from fitness training to tumbling; Airtrack is favourite amongst a wide variety of sports and fun lovers.

Why Choose Airtrack

Airtrack a world renowned innovative and enticing product used for fitness, training and tumbling activities.


An excellent choice of an engagement product considering current challenging environment to maintain social distancing through personalisation of the product.
Easy to clean and sanitize after every use hence maintain efficient hygiene standards for every user.


One of the amazing features of this product is that there is neither age barrier nor skill barrier for the usage of this product. It’s a product which engages highly differentiate age group and creates an amazing engagement session and makes the experience enjoyable. A simple tumbling session of a father with his daughter or two friends together can lead to hours of enjoyable fantastic experience.


Product can be used for both environments - indoor and outdoor and is suitable for personal and home usage, team building sessions and engagement activities for corporate offices, enhancing guests experience in hotels and resorts, training sessions for professional fitness and yoga centres, gymnastic trainings in schools and colleges, for members in residential societies and recreation clubs.


The product comes with an excellent feature that creates an amazing bounce and excellent stability and sturdiness while landing when performing any physical action. Hence, the product can be used to perform various activities starting from a professional physical training to a fun filled engagement activity such as tumbling, parkour, yoga, cheerleading practice, martial arts, fitness training, gymnastics to fun filled activities like sliding, water gym, floating etc.


The technology used while production is the latest innovation in the safety standards. V Drop Stitching is a world renowned technology which makes the product safest amongst the existing or closely related available options.


The excellent feature of the product is that it is highly portable and makes it extremely convenient to move, store or carry. The largest size (15 m) can also be easily moved when deflated. Product can be inflated and deflated in a matter of minutes. The product can be easily inflated by using an air pump which comes along with the product or by using a foot pump when using the product outdoor (the air valve installed in the product helps to maintain the air level and avoid leakage during inflating or usage of the product).

All the below series can be customized in length and width to suit the need to the clients. Procure a minimum order quantity as stated and get the benefit of labelling your brand logo on the product.

Airtrack Smart
START Series

Best Choice for Home Training & Personalized Usage.

  • Compact and Portable to fit in a standard room.
    Can be used as an accessory in every room for basic fitness needs of the guests considering the recent restrictions to the usage of the fitness centers.
  • Available on demand with a charge or rent out during any fitness and recreational events.
  • Procure minimum 20 or more Airtrack Smart START Series to give a personalized experience to the guests.

Airtrack Super
PRO Series

Best Choice for Basic to Professional Requirements. Wider & thicker Airtrack.

  • Best suited for a family or small group engagement activity as well.
  • Can be used as an lucrative In-house feature for the Premium Rooms.
  • Available on demand with a charge or rent out during any fitness and recreational events.
  • Procure Minimum 10 or more Airtrack Super Pro Series to provide exceptional experience to guests with greater need than a personalized experience with Airtrack.

Airtrack Super

Best Choice for Hosting Private Parties, Recreational Events or Commercial Usage.

  • Best suited for an big open space area to perform various activities.
  • The look of it brings out the adventurer in one thereby making it a huge attraction for guests.
  • Available on demand with a charge or rent out during any fitness and recreational events.
  • Procure only 1 with required accessories and fulfill all the needs of the limited features of attracting guests to perform thereby giving them an experience of a lifetime.

Material Specifications:

DWF Material - Made from premium 1000 DWF Material which makes the Airtrack both bouncy and sturdy

Base Cloth - The inside of mat adopts the newest V-drop stick technology, which ensure the mat has superior elasticity after inflation and can greatly reduce noise during use.

Carbon Fiber Edging - The edge of the mat is made of carbon fiber, which is lighter and more durable mounted on high quality PVC ensuring that the mat is completely waterproof and leak -free

Here are some exciting features of Airtrack:

  • Your Airtrack has strong Velcro for connecting multiple Airtrack
  • Profession Handle to hold your product
  • Premium Grade Inflation Valve
  • Its Non Toxic & Order Less.
  • Portable & Easy to Install
  • Convenient to Lift
  • Latest V-Drop Technology
  • For Perfect Bounce & Sturdiness
  • Once Inflated Remain Intact
  • No Running Supply Required
  • Deflated in Matter Of Minutes
  • Helps Maintain Social Distancing While Keeping Fit
  • Its UV Resistant! Perfect for Outdoor
  • Made Of 1000 DWF Material
  • For Smooth Surface & Superior Elasticity
  • DWF Also Give Higher Tensile Strength. Makes It Safest to Perform
  • Its Airtight! Leak Free & Waterproof
  • Variety in Size Based in Different Needs.
  • Can Be Customised.
  • Easy to Clean & Sanitize
  • Just Wipe of Top Surface and Its Ready to Use Again
  • No Age Barrier. No Skill Barrier. Just Practice to Be Perfect.

What You Get

Every Airtrack Order You get the following items

  • 1 Airtrack Product based on your selection
  • 1 Multi-Purpose Carry Bag, makes it convenient to carry anywhere
  • 1 Instant Repair Kit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Foot / Electrical Air Pump – Appropriate Air Pump based on selected model (only if mentioned in your order summary, else you may select from Product List)

You can also order Airtrack Personal Training Set. Best combination of Airtrack Smart START Series with appropriate Air Barrel & Air Blocks. This makes your order complete in single selection.

Accessories, you may also consider to buy

Round Spot: Basically a round version of Airtrack offer a wide range of usage in Kids training & gymnastics. A kid’s favorite and handy companion with Airtrack Smart START Series.

Air Blocks: Box shaped Airtrack generally used in a pair for Home & Personal Fitness training. Best for fitness enthusiastics and handy companion with Airtrack Smart START Series & Super PRO Series.

Air Barrel: Cylindrical shaped beginner practice equipment. Helps you to get trained on your balance & rebound practice.

Air Ski Jump: An inflatable ramp to make your practice just perfect. Gives you extra height to gain speed and also learn basics of flips. Majorly used for XTREME Series and professional training.

Air Ramp: Air Ramp gives you a good start and helps you to climb strategically on Airtrack.

Track Connector: Creates connection between multiple mats. Available for all sizes of mats.

Air Barrel Stabilizer: Holds & keeps stable an Air Barrel on a particular place, to ensure comfortable & safe training

Parkour Landing Blocks: Additional Safety Landing Blocks while preforming professional Parkour training. Best suited with Super XTREME Series.

Air Pump / Foot Pump: Different kind of Pumps to inflate your Airtrack. Electric & Manual. Foot Pump can be used for Smart START Series.

Manometer: Pressure gauge to check & ensure the accurate pressure for professional events.

Our Assurance

Committed To Quality Workmanship: All our products have been chosen from direct manufacturing facilities having strict quality control and are leaders in the product segments.

Fast & Committed Deliveries: We prefer to keep the ready stock of highly in demand products and yes of course fast running spares. For customize requirements we have a variety in delivery options. Our Logistics Partners DHL & FedEx ensures safe and on time deliveries of your products.

Door To Door After Sales Service & Supplies: First time in history we are bringing complete peace of mind to our customers with door to door solutions for after sales service support. Book your query online and get the complete service support just on a click.

Committed To Environment, Health & Safety: Our health and safety services professionals have the expertise to carry out the necessary risk assessments and helps ensure our product and facilities meet all relevant standard and regulations.

No Hidden Charge: We understand our guest’ specific requirements in the beginning itself to present compete cost break-up with options to choose. So guest will be aware on the final price and will have no surprises after placing the order.


Hotels & Resorts/ Recreation Clubs /
Training Institutes/ Gyms/ Event Operators

Guests looking for leisure and fitness are now isolated and trapped due to the current scenario. Thus to make them rejuvenate and recreate Airtrack brings back a thrilling and exciting reinforcing factor in these hard times. Since the guests are conscious to maintain social distancing, hygiene & sanitization and at most importantly maintaining personal health & fitness goal – Airtrack is the absolute solution.


Airtrack opens revolutionary opportunities for variety of engagement ideas, while meeting above safety parameters.

Innovate with Airtrack
Perform many new activities which are rarely performed like Tumbling, Parkour, Gymnastics, Track Running, Water Gym, Slip’N’slide, Cheerleading, Water Floating etc.
Boost the experience
Boost the experience of the well-known activities on Airtrack like Yoga, Fitness Training and Martial Arts
Meeting new Standards
Meet the new hygiene and sanitization standards by replacing old yoga mats and tracks as they are absorbent mats and thus can retain sweat and can cause various skin infections.
Exclusive Airtrack training
We can create Exclusive Airtrack training as well as special events by providing professionals on contractual basis.

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